Currently Local Pickup is available at the store, Delivery within Bridgenorth & Peterborough Currently Local Pickup is available at the store, Delivery within Bridgenorth and Peterborough

Our Story

Garden Style was established as a Family business almost 20 years ago.  All because of one couple’s dream, dedication, hard work and support from the Community, Garden Style grew into a successful business.  At the end of April 2018, the store was passed onto myself, Michelle Gay, this is where I began a new chapter in my life.  This truly was a dream come true and one I feel very blessed to have been given.

Garden Style is a gathering place for people looking for “Unique Home & Garden Décor”.  I have customers who are passing through the community, cottagers, campers, travellers, and of course our local customers who stop into the store to check out “What’s New”.  Many customers walk away with items to take home from the journey.  Items such as hostess gifts, special occasion gifts or simply an item that caught their eye and had to have for their home or garden. 

Garden Style offers a wide range of items, all focusing on being “Unique”.  The store carries garden themed wall art for indoor and outdoor decorating, as well as, garden inspired pieces for home décor. There is also a large selection of items available to add interest to your garden, that could be a unique Trellis an Obelisk, or some decorative garden stakes to add a bit of fun. There can also be pieces found to create that little bit of whimsy to round out your visit.  I have added locally made Bees Wax Candles & Honey from Blossom Hill Nursery, Bird Houses and Bird Feeders handcrafted by Steve Burrell Who adds a very unique face to the front of both products just to name a few.  I am always on the lookout for local items that fall in our “Unique” theme.  The selection is forever changing, whether it is with the Seasons or just because. 

I have always said to Customers that the store is a “Work in Progress”.  It was a dream that I had but was not able to achieve till later in life, because of that, I have learned, nothing is ever perfect and things are always evolving/changing thus a “Work in Progress”.

Thank You for visiting and I hope you experience the same warm and welcoming feeling that I do everyday I walk through the front door of Garden Style.